Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

We were all punk’d lol

Lol you guys know that rumor about cp is gonna sue you for havin pics, it’s fake! lol a kid had to write it! Even my mom thinks so. also in the comment advice is spelled “advise” anyways so we were all just punk’d and I’m sorry if you actually deleted ur pics that would suck!


14 Responses to “We were all punk’d lol”

  1. Hey i LOVE clubpenguin! 🙂 if u wana chat about it u can add me on MSN Ana_luvs_soccer@hotmail.com

  2. I sent an e-mail to cp asking about the rumors and when I get the e-mail back I expect that they will say it is true. I will come back when I have got the reply and post it. Until then,

    Waddle on and be careful!


  3. ROFL!!!!!!!!
    thats funny. and u want to know where the kid made his mistake.
    he only sent them to the big cp websites.
    im a small one so i didnt get anything. and u know how many pics i got. so! ha! that kid was a loser

  4. we got tricked!! That kid almost made us thought is was real! Ha ha ha! Well, at least the kid made a mistake. IN YOUR FACE KID!

  5. lol r2dpenguin can meet e on club penguin and be my buddy i am the owner of bandit77.wordpress.com bandit777 was banned my new penguin is sword56 so if u see sword56 be his and i need help gettin more hits so far i only have 400 so if u can help it would be great and u scared me about the sewing part good thing its a fake. UR SITE IS SO MUCH COLLER THAN MINE AND U HAVE AMZING FUNNY PICS

  6. srry it is actually bandit777.wordpress.com


  8. I’m gonna sue the dumb little kid that did that!!!

  9. i am going to pop that kid in the face!


  11. remember dude. i am sorta mad at you for posting that. if you didnt post taht i would have all my posts
    R2DP: sorry

  12. no heres the real story, It all began when the leader of the rogue UMA, Superguy234 or something, put a comment on http://rpfrulers.wordpress.com/, that all the pictures had to go just to be mean and ruin Rpf’s site. I saw the news on the site and i posted it on my site. Where you and R2DP found it.

  13. im lucky i didnt. i knew it was fake because there were so many lupolls in that so 1 i knew it all along and 2 its common sense, because think about it. how many club penguin websites are there? billybob cant sue all of them + he gave out free banners for any club penguin website so that also helped

  14. o by the way i deleted my blog.

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