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should I end PMA?

leaders of armies are getting banned and stuff, should I quit before I get banned? A lot of you guys seam concerned


11 Responses to “should I end PMA?”

  1. i no why billybob is only banning the army leaders. because billybob even noes that the armies are huge. look in the 2 million kids playign in clubpeenguin 20 000 ppl are in one of the armys. see the ACP has liek 2 000 ppl, UMA has 2 000 ppl, RPF has like 2 100 ppl, and romans hav like 1 500 ppl and so do vikings, UCPA has like 600 troops, PMA has liek 500 troops, 12 small armies combined is like 1 500 ppl and theres like 50 small armies. so they cant ban all these ppl.

  2. So um…..i have no say in this. This is your desicion

  3. its all up to ya. i honestly no offense PMA should end it. instead you should create some other kind of not as public army one thats secret.
    that would help people not get banned. and can ya do a post on my website its:

  4. PMA should not end! Plz don’t end it!

  5. dude the only reason you can get banned is if you go against the club penguin rules and theyres nothing in the rules that says you cant have an army so as long as your not amlicious, he cant ban you because then HE could get sued becaues he just went against his own rules


  7. r2dp this is for the good of the pma and its membrers the pma should end and we all should just retire from it i dont want any of us to get banned ok? guys by the way anyone who reads this comment and is in the ora im might close down the army:( just cause of that no life fat pig in a man costume billybob grrr billybob

  8. why would they being getting banned? but um about pma i cant come to most offf them cause i always have sometghing to do at the time for some reason

  9. by the way cp made more servers for the game i didnt see it up on ur site

  10. i think you should not end it your one of my bigest allies

  11. yo yo its me again jus saying hi!!!!
    (and…I LIKE PIE!!!!)

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