Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

I thought cp was a kids game!

I thought it was a kids game I didn’t think any1 would be threatning to sue? Come on! It’s not hurting anything. Is it?


6 Responses to “I thought cp was a kids game!”

  1. Dude, seriously. I hate the PMA, but I say all the armies form a big union and declare war on the moderators.

  2. what he said!!!
    (cept for the hating pma)

  3. what ctar said!including the hate pma

  4. war with moderaters!

  5. ok ”thesctentists” u hate the pma and i hate the scientists

  6. roar! pma has been bad it is a close realationship with clubpenguinlosers.wordpress.com!

    and boy do i hate dat site!

    if pma was not so realated to clubpenguinlosoers.wordpress.com maybe i might not hate pma

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