Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


 I found out about it on http://cyclone999.wordpress.com waddle world has been changed the name to “waddles” it’s pretty fun! download it at http://www.yoyogames.com/games/launch/6020 yay I’m a beta tester! My account is “waddlemonster” I’ma ninja!


In other news, cyclone99 made a cool animation of him shooting RPF and I kinda blabbed to RPF that he made it cuz I wanted to make RPF mad again so theyd declair war on cyclone so that my army could ally with cyclone and we’d have a war! And anyways, RPF would find out eventually so you know.


17 Responses to “WADDLE WORLD!”

  1. how do you be a beta tester?
    R2DP:you auttomatticly are one when you play cuz this is the beta version

  2. lol im a ninja too im going to post this on my site

  3. ohh it was okay i still think club penguin is better but i do like the ninja and bag clothes.
    Ohh yeah R2DP can you make a post telling people to go to my website here it is http://www.thechuggas.wordpress.com
    pleeez post about that

  4. r2dp i got 2 questions how do you get the blog status thing up that says how many hits you have?
    How do you take a picture when i take one it says file does not meet security guidelines!

    R2DP: well ya gotta log in then click presentation then click widgets then drag blog stats into the box.
    As for “doesn’t follow suicurity guidelines” you might have to try naming the image “what ever word you want goes here.jpg” before

  5. ok thx

  6. i gotz a waddles peng too! its name is sir jorge bo


  8. how do u make an account?

  9. can u see other penguins?
    R2DP: sadly, I don’t think s

  10. dude u rock on cp can i be your buddy im drivenbye123s buddy

  11. pnjfvgyuhfgts my name on cp

  12. srry not drivenbye123 its drivebyn123

  13. hey how do u do thepenguin tunes

  14. yea your lucky my mum and dad just hate me doing and siging up Someone help me out of this cage or torcher from parents!

  15. HELLO PEOPLES IM PAINTBOY773 JUS SAYING HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. hey this is ninja e1! A VERY RARE PENGUIN!
    i made a blog search it its canne club penguin ninja e1! go ahead! type it in! the first one u see is it! crowed me!

  17. how do you be a ninja?

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