Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

to lemywincks

lemywincks is mad at me cuz I won’t take sjb off of mod. he deleted me off duddy list 😦 and he said he’s committing suicide but I don’t think he will. What should i do?????

This was on my bribble which was http://flash.bribble.com/group.html?port=31914


5 Responses to “to lemywincks”

  1. Tell him you will comit sucide

    or tell him you would give him a ps3 or a wii if he wont hate you any more.

  2. Why is he mad at SJB?? PS: you spelt Buddy rong.

  3. um well he said i took away his last dream of being a mod. he must hate me too 😦

  4. i hate him and sjb cause sjb was banning people for no reason he said (hmm…. i fell like banning someone) and r2dp knows but wont take him off its annoying and i dont even wana be a mod i just want him to stop banning people for no reason
    R2DP: well I’ll talk to sjb and tell him to stop

  5. Lemywincks is my classmate. His real name is corey. he hasnt commited suicide. he is hulariasly funny

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