Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

another funny catalog

here it is click here to see full thing http://img360.imageshack.us/img360/2165/catalog2ut1.jpg


Then I made another http://img360.imageshack.us/img360/2184/catalog3hh9.jpg

catalog 3

here is another of kickecon’s



10 Responses to “another funny catalog”

  1. That is AWESOME. Can I put them on my blog? I give u credit.
    R2DP: yeah you can and i’m not really like that anymore where I get mad at ppl who use my pics and don’t give me credit, So i don’t care if you give me credit or not

  2. Also, check out my AWESOME pictures! I have 70 pictures now, and I made one that’s SOOOOO funnY!

  3. who is paintboy100 everyone says i am him when i walk around because i were what he does.

  4. Paintboy100 is probobly the MOST FAMOUS penguin ever that isn’t a moderator. (He owns a wordpress blog with like 3.5 million hits.)

  5. Here’s what I would buy from all these catalogs:
    Lightsaber: Who said penguins can’t be jedis?
    Star Wars pin: Just because CP has nothing to do about star wars doesn’t mean we can’t dream of it. 😀
    R2dp’s Os: Tasty breakfast! 😆
    LOL these are all funny I’m gonna rates them:
    1st catalog: 15 out of 10 (For the beard. 😀 )
    2nd catalog: 50/10 (For the cereal and the star wars pin.)
    3rd catalog: 100/10 (For the lightsaber.)
    Keep up the great work. 😉 😆

  6. HEY! THE LIGHTSABER ONE WAS MINE! r2dp you sorta copied me but idk. maybe we can put ours together to make 1 big catalog

  7. but didnt he say that you made the lighsaber one. and i feel the same way about paintboy100. his website is crap!

  8. lol webkinz is dumb and gay
    R2DP: I agree but I have never played it I just assume it is a dumb little kids game

  9. no daniboi, i made the one with the lightsaber. r2dp just got the idea from me and pasted my catalog on his site. from now on im putting my logo on it because ppl think r2dp did it but i really did. PS r2dp can you make a post saying i made them?
    R2DP: I think I gave you credit


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