Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

to all PMA soldires and allies

OK this is bad!!! cyclone999 told me that  ACP (army of cp) has just allied with UMA!!! (underground mafias army) And why is that bad??? ACP AND UMA ARE THE TOUGHEST TEAMS!!!!!!!! therefore, Them allying would be VERY hard to fight. So, if we are going to fight them, WE BETTER BE GOOD! We will need LOTS of troops and allies sign up for my army, PMA (penguin master army) at https://cpfanatic.wordpress.com/pma-penguin-masters-army/


16 Responses to “to all PMA soldires and allies”

  1. this is BAD BAD BAD!!!

  2. oh my god ,…but wait what if we alllied with the uma?

  3. Yo, what if WE allied with PMA dude? Then we wouldn’t have to fight them!!!!!

    SJB’s got what you need! 😀
    ~Sir Jorge Bo

  4. Yea, but then we’ll be allying with the bad team, and they wouldn’t ally with a team which dosen’t go to war often, hasn’t gotten like 100 troops or anything right?

  5. R2dpenguin66 can you come to da 35000 hits partay? see site for more details. Please post on site.

  6. i am superhakan in different (i am superhakan)
    ill help you
    but after can you fight me u.s.a (underground super army) we need to have our 1st war
    p.s when is it
    i am superhakan defenently this is my friends acount and i am round his house (you wouldnt like to no this but right now he is snoging some)
    ceep it cool.
    superhakan 8) ❗

  7. ok ok, we will be allies so we can stop another war before it gets started.

  8. PMA we’re coming for ya. ACP and UMA are going rock your world. Be prepared for the worst beating a army has ever taken.

  9. Dude, this is real bad. On the official ACP site, they learned that you declared war against them and the UMA, ACP, Nachos, and the RPF are against PMA and Golds. Really bad. I’ll help you.

  10. Yeah we found out. Like I said us three armies are powerhouses. So like I said any army can try to step in and they will destroyed. This is going to be the worst beating a army has ever taken.

  11. This is what i heard, I say you keep a sharp lookout:

    Oagalthorp the PMA are having a meeting this Saturday at 4:00 CPST. I say we spy on them just to see what we learn. They have meetings in the Dojo. CTAR out

    It is a comment on the ACP website. I say we pretend, and when they start coming, we attack. I will try and find a list of spies in the UMA.

  12. Okay, I have found a list of all UMA members.


    Angel G8l, Abercrombe29, Mpenguin123.
    Lord Joshua, Admiral1234, Rile5, Noize22, Clone Roguex, Sora360, Mr jibbs,
    Twick, Redx125, 4army, Coolsoccer14, Dookus Droid, Internet677, Wetsaw, Jackfrost357,
    Treytis Jedi, Best naruto5, Pinoyxballa, Nba Man, Fireball 208,
    Starskie, Alex the 4, Matt maniac, Bandit37, Gesert1, Mdogg58, Nlsnrshd, Penguin4497459,
    lil gopher3, Misteree1, Coopertroop4, Chubby83, Archangel675, Ice King77, Nicole6754, Tama4355,
    Bagstagen1, Freeze9408, Jasariel, Bestguyfi, Julsy, Marshmelow25,
    Hinata627, Mayo05,
    Uno148, Flamekay, Joe2007, Flame Claw, Jd112, Snowrunt, Blackhawk,
    Brianna, Jimmyjoecrew,

    And make sure they won’t spy on you!

  13. Ok, watch out PMA!!!!!!!!!!!ACP is planning to spy on us!!!!! So all PMA members ambush ACP if you see them on CP when we have our meetings. That is all.

    SJB’s got what you need! 😀
    ~Sir Jorge Bo, Kernal of the PMA

  14. We aren’t going to spy on u. DUH. We aren’t that stupid.
    R2DP: duh, yes u r

    R2DP: uh ok but if he posted it we’d find out (duh back at you lol) anyways, you sounded suspicous

  16. I ALWAYS SOUND LIKE THAT DUH BACK AT U BRUH. And u misunderstood me. I said that Oagalthorp would have posted it . DUH BACK U BRUH (LOL NOT!)
    R2DP: I don’t geddit

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