Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker

Lots of armies mad at us

ok acp and rpf found out about the animation I made

this one

now theyre declairing war on us so pma get ready to fight soldires!

I snuck into the acp meeting events and found out that they want to spy on us at our next meeting.

Anyway, They are having the next meeting on friday 3:00 PST in either the dojo or cave/pool so be there troops

R2DP has the stuff you need 8)



10 Responses to “Lots of armies mad at us”

  1. HEY! I told you that. You might as well put up the list about the UMA penguins:

    Angel G8l, Abercrombe29, Mpenguin123.
    Lord Joshua, Admiral1234, Rile5, Noize22, Clone Roguex, Sora360, Mr jibbs,
    Twick, Redx125, 4army, Coolsoccer14, Dookus Droid, Internet677, Wetsaw, Jackfrost357,
    Treytis Jedi, Best naruto5, Pinoyxballa, Nba Man, Fireball 208,
    Starskie, Alex the 4, Matt maniac, Bandit37, Gesert1, Mdogg58, Nlsnrshd, Penguin4497459,
    lil gopher3, Misteree1, Coopertroop4, Chubby83, Archangel675, Ice King77, Nicole6754, Tama4355,
    Bagstagen1, Freeze9408, Jasariel, Bestguyfi, Julsy, Marshmelow25,
    Hinata627, Mayo05,
    Uno148, Flamekay, Joe2007, Flame Claw, Jd112, Snowrunt, Blackhawk,
    Brianna, Jimmyjoecrew,

  2. Oh, the RPF dosen’t declare war against you yet. They just say it was a misunderstanding because of that animation. They say you better change it or else they will consider you as an enemy.

  3. um i was wonderin wheres the official ACP and RPF site
    R2DP: http://acparmyofclubpenguin.wordpress.com and http://rpfrulers.wordpress.com

  4. Hey I’m not happy about having to go at war with you but its my job!!! Long live live RPF and ACP!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Hey if you check the post on the Acp Beats UMA And UMA WANT ALLIES Post On ACP WEBSITE i was the one that has shown them the animation som my army The U.P.A will fight you too

  6. I will try to be there! and your order is done for a pixel penguin

  7. hey, dude,

    I like making ANIMATIONS NOW! I made one similar to yours on shooting the RPF guy. It’s so AWESOME! You just HAVE to check that one out.

  8. Hey Thats my name and Im sorry fr all the penguins ive killed and all the necks ive snapped! Oh and all the penguins I blew up and the time I Beat you all by myself and beat an army of reds(Hundreds!) By myself But thats my job! *TAKES DEEP BREATH*

  9. omg i am the spy i am going to te;; them what u said

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