Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


I’m mad at some1 named sportsdude90 First, he puts a comment on my other site and also SJB and icebox’s (we share that site) http://dadad10.wordpress.com that said “THIS SITE SUCKS AND THE OWNER IS A LIAR” And I said on his site http://sportsdude90.wordpress.com Hey! you were The guy saying my our site sucked and we were liars! What exactly did we lie about. And do you know that jerk did? he edited my comment, OOH who’s the liar now sportsdude? he edited my comment to cool site keep up the good work! and thats exactly THE OPPOSIT of what I was saying grrrr I hate him then I placed a comment saying HEY! you edited my comment you jerk! he edited that too 😡 he edited it to HEY! what’s up GRRRR I’m mad at him. I commented on http://sportsdude90.wordpress.com/2007/07/18/underground-reopned/#comment-291


9 Responses to “grrr”

  1. Umm…well….you see…I was on Chewy Pup’s Bribble and Sportsdude90 said he would comment on our site if we commented on his site. I’m gonna say I hate him whenever I see him. 👿

  2. hello i commented on his site and he said no i forgot who but i guess he is your friend and he is im not commenting on your site goodbye and he just left well thats why i called him a liar so your site doesnt suck its actually pretty good and sorry

  3. Guess what I did? I edited his comment!!!! Now it says our site is the best!!! That will teach him a lesson.:D

  4. Hey R2dp, I complained to him. This is what I commented:

    Hey sportsdude90, I know you edited R2DPenguin66’s comment. I know you did. No why? He said so, and you said ‘ YOUR SITE SUKS R2DP’ or something and he came to complain so what the? You evil penguin! You know, if I wasn’t that nice, I’ll find you on club penguin or tell club penguin to ban you!!
    R2DP: thanks cyclone

  5. I didn’t mean that for you!

  6. ANd, oh your site rox, and can you add me to your blogroll!?
    R2DP: ok

  7. I filed a complaint to him
    I hope he doesn’t change it

  8. you are right i went to that site and on list of comments was yours and it did say what you said he edited it to say.
    thats almost as bad as identity theft!

  9. i got an idea,
    you edit the comment he posted on your site and edit it to say i edited r2dp’s comment on my site then it will be pay back but dont do this if you are uncomfortable with it

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