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penguin wars

I’m going to be filming a movie 4 youtube called penguin wars it’s like starwars. And if anyone on this list wants to be in it I might let them.

R2DPenguin66: R2DP (R2D2)

Macaroni jim (if wants to be in it): mac-gon-jimm (qui gon jinn)

Kickecon (if wants to be in it): An-ickecon skywalker (anikan skywalker)

Ben penobie (if wants to be in it): obi wan-penobi (when we film 4, 5, and 6 he will be normally, ben penobi) (ben kenobi)

nicerice0328: chewbacca

bo lil cenas: yoda

These are all I can think of so far. I’m not letting just anybody be in this. Only if you are a good friend/online friend of mine (it doesn’t count just if you are in PMA)

the rolls of ppls in film left are:
droids (in 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 we will need clones/stormtroopers)

jar jar binks

mace windo

other jedis

and more if something comes to mind or if you give me an idea.

31 Responses to “penguin wars”

  1. R2DP can i be in it. I could be chewbaka or something. I just wanna be in another movie. plz reswawn. Craftyman out!
    R2DP: okey dokey

  2. Hey r2dp its mrmystery again yeah i love star wars can i be in it?
    R2DP: sure what do you want to be?

  3. uhh idk if i can but im a HUGE starwars fan
    can i be a clone trooper?
    R2DP: sure but uh, Were doing episode 1 first and theres no clone troopers in episode 1. So either you don’t get to be in it until we film 2,3,4,5, and 6 or you pick another roll.

    R2DP: ok

  5. for episode 4,5 and 6 plz plz plz can i be luke skywalker (if its not taken)
    luke skywalker with his green light saber wvooooom!
    remember im an online friend (your buddy)
    ceep it cool.
    superhakan 8) ❗ 8) ❗

  6. please can i be him

  7. u no for the thing on the side…. to make your site more populer, what do you click?
    do you click keyword analizer????????
    ceep it cool.
    superhakan 8) ❗ 8) ❗

  8. can i be in it?

  9. can i be darth vader?
    R2DP: I’ll think about it because I don’t really know you that much

  10. star wars rocks could i be in

  11. hey r2 can i be a stormtrooper or something oh and if im gonna be in the movie where is it gonna be and when????

  12. i would like too when will it be

  13. what time in PST
    today or tomorrow

  14. can I be one of the jedis?
    R2DP: ok

  15. the other jedis?

  16. r2dp can i please be in it ?

    your friend

  17. can i be vader or mace or an extra tracerbullet

  18. Can i be LUKE SKYWALKER

  19. ill be in it but then i turn into darth vader right? cause anikin in the movies is vader

  20. R2dp me and SJB arent friends anymore because he was being a jerk to me and we got in a fight so now were off eachothers buddy list so dont put us together. (P.S he started it)

  21. hi rddp can i please be in penguin wars? ill be anything!!! i just want to be in it.



  24. yeah. sorry partymaniacs. kick is vader cause hes an-ickecon skywalker and anakin is darth
    R2DP has the stuff you need 8)
    ~ Your friendly neighborhood R2DP

  25. i wanna be mace windo.

  26. plus kickecon started it

  27. Ok, here is the REAL story on how Kickecon and I got into that fight. Ok so we were on your Bribble. Then Kickecon started getting on Bribble saying he was people like Pink Mafias, Holagurrl25, and Antras! So after awhile, he went on as Paintboy100 too. We ALL knew it was him, and he kept lying that he wasn’t Paintboy100. So after awhile we deleted each other from our buddy lists on cp, kickecon took me off his site, and now we hate each other forever. That is the real story.

  28. NO SJB, kickecon wasn’t antras I was antras and i said my site sux and all that! I said that mrmystery4 and r2dp’s and cp losers were way better sites and that I was a total n00b that is what happened kickecon wasnt antras!

  29. haha i finnaly figured out how to take screen shots on mac! im only 10 you now 😆

  30. could i be palpatine?

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