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Laughs…By: The Joker

holy crap I think I’m famous

I just went on cp and somebody said ur awesome! to me and wouldn’t leave me alone. then someone went up to me and said ur famous and my mouth dropped wide open lol.

I’m very curious to know if I’m famous so if you see me on cp say hi cpfanatic


12 Responses to “holy crap I think I’m famous”

  1. yeah sombody did that to me too. But i dont think its because your famous its because n00bs want to make friends on CP and they wont leave you alone until you ARE thier friend and if theyre telling you your awesome its just because they will do anything to be your friend (And we had like 7 people doing that during the interview right?) and it just goes to show that the world is no place for n00bs.

  2. that happens to me A LOT now. sometimes i think theyre a bit creepy. and i got 60 things to be my friend. i said YES to them all, but i deleted them later.(those ppl seemed like n00bs to me)

  3. People always do that to me ever since i started to advertise my blog
    “Ohh Pacothehero2 your the best leader ever”
    “You have such a great website”
    If n00bs ask to be your friend accept them then delete them.

  4. i know when i was with my friend i asked why he wanted to be friends then he said im famous and my mouth dropped wide open too!!!!!

  5. OMG that happens to me so much! I think it reely is beacause they are just n00bs and really will do anything to be your friend kickecon is right!
    R2DP: yeah it’z just that half of the world is dumb and stuff lol

  6. i know this isnt my blog but… plz dont say rude words

  7. he didnt say rude words unless u count crap but thats not really bad!
    R2DP: I agree with you but some I guess some pplz don’t like it when I say crap.

  8. yeah i only had my site for a few days
    there must be alot of ppl wantin hints
    and they say sup BLCenazz

  9. all people do tht to me lol

  10. you seem famous ofcourse my site is very small and also thats so cool how you found my youtube account that was weird when you subscribed

  11. i thinck noobs have my phone number they keep following me around its realy creepy(aghh they are eating me alive) lol

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