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Laughs…By: The Joker

I am very ticked

I’m mad because I can’t get my music from itunes on to windows movie maker. I have been told a few time that itunes doesn’t work on movie maker, but anyway, If you have any advice 4 me, tell me. (I don’t want to use limewire ’cause it’s illegal and my parents would kill me and I could rip it off a disc but all of my dad’s cds were stolen and the only disc left is an ACDC one and a weird al yakovic) I needz help!!!


6 Responses to “I am very ticked”

  1. limewires not illegal my dad uses it all the time and never get arrested

  2. lol and that wasnt me banning drivebyn that was gold angels and he said F**k twice and B***h on your bribble
    R2DP:uh ok

  3. there is a thing called imeem music

    type imeem music in google and create an account for free then you can get any music you want

    i use its not illegal
    R2DP: thanks but if you google whether or not it is legal, ppl say it’s illegal

  4. can i be an admin?

  5. imeem is not illegal i am serious

  6. itunes works with movie maker. what you do is your right click on a song in your itunes and then you go to convert selection to mp3 then browse your folders in WMM after the song is converted and the song should show up in your folders in WMM
    R2DP: well, thanks 4 the advice but when I right click on it it doesn’t say convert to mp3 it says convert to AAC

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