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anyone have a video idea???

I’m bored does any1 have some kind of idea 4 a vid or something?????????

8 Responses to “anyone have a video idea???”

  1. how bout you make a vid for a band that you make

    can i be in the band if you do
    R2DP: thanks 4 the idea I’ll have that in mind

  2. a video like jaws
    or a video like Lord of the rings or star wars
    R2DP: cool idea I was going to do some kind of james bond but it was too hard. Well, anyway thanks 4 the idea I’ll probobaly do that.

  3. Hi R2DP,


    R2DP: you gotz to log on to wordpress then click the comments tab then click edit comment on the comment you want to put your adding on.
    Hope this works!
    R2DP has da stuffs you need 8)

  4. Hey R2DP you could do another CP Jobz thing or you could make fun of other movies like scary movie or epic movie did. ~ Craftyman out!
    R2DP: yeah thakz a good idea. Another cp jobs 4 sure I’ll do and the making fun of other movies I could do.

  5. when you edit the comment how do you say something like,
    r2dp: you gotz to log on to wordpress…….
    Real R2DP: you have to put R2DP: at the beginning and just write ur thing

  6. how about a horror movie like (the club penguin chainsaw masaccre)

  7. u guys gotz ta tellz me when u make them videoz cuz i wantz ta be in zem!!!! ok u guyz gotz me nowz??? i dont knowz whyz im talingz like this bcuz itz funzzzzzzz lolz!!!!! so tell me next time!!!!

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