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April 29, 2007

????????? look at this I found out from boyzzzboy ( http://cpfreak.wordpress.com )in pic 1 there is 1 door pic 1 is on top but in pic 2 there is 2 doors ?????? Advertisements


April 13, 2007

anybody wanna join a CP club check the mCPc section


April 10, 2007

anybody want to see some funny stuff? go to weird stuff for some funny pics including Super-bunny!, bunny alien, a puffle that wants to rule the world, and more!


April 10, 2007

got any juicy gossip to share?? or wanna just hang out and chat go to web chat.


April 10, 2007

check here for all the cool rumors in club penguin including: ninjas, rockhopper island in ballistic bisuit, iceberg tipping, and captain Rockhopper himself I will try to bust them all! check out the rumors section.

Glitches Tiches

April 10, 2007

If you want to be cool like standing on trees or speakers or any cool thing that will make everyone say “Oh how do you do that” and get jealous, check this awesome page. 😮

wanna meet me?

April 10, 2007

wanna meet the coolest and most awesomest penguin ever R2dpenguin66 come to meetings section

advice blog

April 10, 2007

check the advice section for advice and if you have a question.


April 10, 2007

these are the rules for my site 1:I dont hack I dont care if you hack but I dont need any questions about hacks. 2:no bad words including sexual and swear words and any other bad word 3:I dont care if you copy and paste any of my pictures into your blog you just have […]


April 10, 2007

go to http://clubpenguinlosers.wordpress.com/club-penguin-royal-core/ for information and how to join the royal core army! I got this pic from his site