Why So Serious?
Laughs…By: The Joker


I’am now in full in full control of the site I got R2DP’s password changed and  got rid of everyone! Make your final comments because this site will have its final breath at noon tomorrow. HAHAHAHAH R2DP….. why so serious?!…..HAHAHAHAHAHA, this has been real fun, just guessing r2’s password for the last 10 months, wow! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Why So Serious?

And if any…one has any words before this site goes down…notify me! 🙂


I’m back!!!!! you didn’t think I’d go down with out a fight did ya, hehehehehehe, and this time I hacked R2DP’s password and now I have more power than before, hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Why So Serious!?


Hey this is r2 and I just wanted you all to know 2 things. Number one I’m glad that most of you think i was the best owner and 2, as I said I might return so try to check back every month or so to see if I’m back. Now here’s macajim’s post.

Hey Guys Macajim Here,

For those of you who dont know me I’m Macaroni Jim R2DP’s real life friend probably one of his best friends, and was the first to join the site after R2DP. The sit will no longer be posted on and we want to know who you liked the best!



check out what zachchevy did.Zachisanasshole

I KNOW that im not the only one who thinks he should be demodded


Hey Everyone!  The Fall Fair Is On It’s Way!


lol that was a stupid post BUT I WAS BORED


R2DP here.

I’ve been missing doing the blog business lately, and I think I am coming back sometime in fall (Just like last year =P).  I went on a few days ago, saw the party, thought it was pretty fly, (haha get it? flight party? fly? XD). Also, in Bribble I changed my name back to R2DP because I finally realized Dr. Shady is a crap name =P.

And remember,

cow abuse is wrong



Hello Everyone!!!  Since We Got 77 Viewers Total In The First Day Of Launch, We Are Gonna Have A HUGE Party With A Radio Station, A Chat Box, And Lots And Lots Of Fun!!!  You Can’t Miss It!!!  Your Probably Looking For All The Information RIght Now But It Is Not Announced Yet!!!  Heres The Deal- It’s Either Gonna Be This Weekend, Or Next Weekend.  Hopefully This Weekend!!!  Limp And I Will Be Adding Everyone Requesting To Be A Buddy Unless Our List Is Full So Don’t Be Late!  I Will Tell Everyone The Date And Time Sometime This Thursday Or Friday.  The Server Will Be Announced 10 Minutes Before The Party Officially Starts.  And Make Sure You Check Here During The Party Because I Will Be Having A Radio And Chatbox!!!  You may also be able to play club penguin on here so get your party                                                        hats out and start preparing for Planet Club Penguin’s Very First Party Ever!!!



Ok let’s start with this!

Jul – Aug Better Igloos

aug better igloos cover

Music Jam isnt the only thing Music this Friday! Decorate your igloo with Music Memorabila.

aug better igloos page12

  • Country Record – 200 Coins
  • Rock ‘N’ Roll Record – 200 Coins
  • Classical Record – 200 Coins
  • Gramophone – 375 Coins
  • Concert Lights – 650 Coins
  • DJ Table – 800 Coins
  • Dance Floor – 500 Coins
  • Juke Box – 775 Coins

Jul – Aug Better Igloo Cheats

  • Click the DJ Table for the Wall Speakers
  • Click the Gramophone for the Band Stage
  • Click the Stone Piller for the Guitar Stand
  • Click the fire on the torch for the LCD TV
  • Click the fish on the Medieval Banner for the Penguin Knight Sculpture
  • Click the right corn stalk for the Picket Fence

New Igloo Upgrades

aug igloo upgrades cover

Get your own theatre igloo with the new Igloo Upgrades!

theatre igloo

theatre igloo2

The Theatre Igloo will cost ya a good 4,600 Coins but its probably one of my new favorite igloos!

Cadence And the Band

Cadence and the Penguin Band are at the Music Jam!

But to see them you have to go to there backstage area’s Penguin Band’s is at thr dock and cadence is in the upstairs of Coffee shop entering the roof.

Penguin Band

cadence andpb3



Backstage Music Catalog

music catalog1

Theres 3 new items in the Music Catalog this year, the Trombone (500 Coins), the Cowbell (50 Coins) and my fav, the Double Necked Guitar (1,000 Coins).

Backstage – Music Catalog Cheat

music catalog cheat1

Theres also 2 new cheats in the Music Catalog! Click the dot in the I in Music for the Drum Snare (380 Coins) and the Drum Sticks (120 Coins)!

music catalog cheat2

Click the O in Catalog for the Black Electric Guitar (975 Coins).

New Pin

The New Pin is in the Boiler Room Underground!


Music Jam

(these pictures were copied from Lux1200’s site due to fullscreen pic issue formatting to fir out site screen)

Theres something for everyone at this years Music Jam. Find the Stage for you below.

music jam stage1

Iceberg – Watch the Penguin Band

music jam stage2

Cove – Relax and grab some headphones.

music jam stage3

Forest – Grab your cowboy hat and get western.

music jam stage4

Snow Forts – Get some Music Jam Merchandise and play Battle of the Bands.

music jam stage5

Soccer Pitch – Rock out at the Rock Rink.

music jam stage6

Coffee Shop – Jazz it up and turn on your tables light and spray confetti.

music jam stage7

Dock – Main Stage! You can also acsess the Backstage and meet the Penguin Band!

music jam stage9

Beach – The Bubble Pop as you walk on the stage the music starts but don’t walk or it’ll stop.

music jam stage10

Lighthouse – Play your instrument on the stage to hear it through your speakers, grab a few friends and form a band!

music jam stage12

Ski Village – Add straw at the end of Orca and you’ve got Orca-Straw!

Explore the island, there’s something for everyone! Here’s another thing I thought was pretty cool:

music maker 3000

You can acsess the Music Maker 3000 off of the Snow Forts. Walk on a color to play an instrument!

applause button

There’s also an Applause Button at the bottom of the screen in almost every room. Click it to hear an applause!

Well thats the end of the post

~Macaroni Jim~